CCC Ministerial Department

Central California Conference is committed to providing a full-time Ministerial Director to empower, encourage and mentor pastors as they face the multiple challenges of balancing their personal time, family and ministry. We recognize that our pastors are the backbone of ministry activities; as such, supporting and equipping our local pastors is our number one priority. We firmly believe that Spirit-filled, effective and healthy pastors and congregations will have an enormous impact for the Kingdom of God.

A minister’s life, by sheer virtue of the profession, is fraught with opposition and full of paradoxes. Ministers hope and get discouraged, they believe and they doubt, they lift other’s up and fall themselves. Unfortunately, minister’s more than other helping professions have traditionally experienced greater difficulty with reaching out for help; as if acknowledging one’s humanness is a betrayal of the hope-filled sermons preached.  

Ministers, not unlike others in helping professions, tend to be most comfortable in the role of “helper” and least comfortable in the role of “helpee”; thus, seeking counsel or spiritual direction is misconstrued by many to be a sign of frailty or failure. Our department exists to dispel all such myths. 

Ministers are first and foremost imperfect humans; all humanity bears the consequences of our “garden ancestor’s” choice to mistrust God’s protective directives. Minister’s are imperfect spouses, parents, siblings and friends. Our sin-saturated human condition dictates that we all, to some degree or another, will be touched by loss, deficiency, sin, a sense of failure, hopelessness and even despair. Actually, our positions as spiritual leaders predisposes us to a greater amount of trails and tribulations than the general public might experience. 

Our department’s goal is to normalize the human condition so that when (not if) unexpected challenges arise in the personal or professional domain, our ministers will know there is a safe place for them to turn for confidential support and encouragement. 

Confidentiality is of utmost importance and is the core reason the Ministerial Director is not a conference administrator. The Ministerial Director is the liaison between the pastor and administration.  It is the Ministerial Department’s goal to encourage pastors to heighten their personal devotional lives, coach pastors to nurture and strengthen their marriage and family bonds, to amplify their ministry skills and talents to God’s glory. 

Following NAD recommendations, our department would like to help our pastors identify appropriate priorities in their life and ministry which involves living a balanced life including the management of Five Ministerial Values:

Faith: We believe that is essential that a pastor’s personal faith walk be authentic and practical in his family and ministry relationships. Pastor’s employed as spiritual leaders must themselves be in constant pursuit of an veritable grafting into the Vine, the Lord Jesus Christ. A personal commitment to a daily prayerful self-evaluation of heart motives and full surrender to the Spirit’s promptings are imperative spiritual practices to facilitate the transformative work of the Spirit on our sin-inclined characters.

Family: The sacred family circle is the first mission field a pastor serves. Losing one’s family while saving the world is not an acceptable practice. Empowering pastors to remain emotionally connected to their spouses and children, we believe, will give their ministries greater evangelistic power than the best sermons preached.

Fitness: Periodic evaluations have the intent to strengthen and sharpen a pastor’s natural ministry gifts and talents and encourage him towards continual growth and excellence. Additionally, pursuing health in the areas of intellect (personal and professional education), emotions (relationships with family and congregation), spirit (personal spiritual nourishment and growth), and body (pursuing optimum health) are all ways to achieve optimum fitness for gospel ministry.  Pursuing balance between personal and professional demands will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the pastor’s ministry.

Fellowship: We were not intended to live life in solitude. The fellowship of the believers was one sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit. We encourage fellowship and supportive friendships with family and ministry colleagues. Attending and participating in monthly ministerial area meetings are only one of many vehicles to break down the barriers of isolation and help foment camaraderie, accountability and supportive friendships with our ministry colleagues, who are often in need of confraternity as well.

Jeremiah 3:15

New King James Version (NKJV)

"And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding."